Vision and Mission

CATS Vision

A world where children, young people and adults are working together in mutual respect towards a more just, inclusive and sustainable society where all can realise their fundamental human rights and potential.

CATS Mission

To enable children, young people and adults who are advocates for the rights and well-being of children to work together as agents of change and co-creators of a more just, sustainable, inclusive and equitable society.14613341130_7b0c6eae23_o

The origin: why CATS?

The world today is at a critical point marked by growing inequalities and political instability. It is crucial, now more than ever, for people of all generations to come together to improve society in order to understand the challenges that we face and identify the solutions to implement them.

CATS promotes the active participation of children in society in order to make real, sustainable changes. Not only do children need to understand their own fundamental rights, but grasping how they participate in changing behaviours and mentalities is vital to moving our world forward.

For all of these reasons, and more, the idea of a conference focused on Children as Actors for Transforming Society, CATS, was born. With this ideology, and with the help of numerous contributors to the cause, we hope to reinvent a world in which each person plays an active role, children included.

What is CATS?

CATS is a weeklong conference set in the beautiful mountains of Caux, Switzerland. It offers the unique opportunity for children, youth, and adults to come together, in a peaceful and beautiful setting, to work together as equal partners to transform society.

Caux becomes the meeting place for people committed to and working on children’s rights and well-being. CATS is a powerful learning experience for people of all ages: children develop their working skills, while adults are equipped with principles and practices for improving children’s participation. Children and adults both raise their awareness about how each one can contribute to insuring the equal rights and well-being of children.

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