Registration Guidelines

Registration guidelines:

We encourage people to come with their families, don’t hesitate to bring your children to the CATS conference!
If you are coming as a delegation, please wait until the 10th April to register, a new form will be created to facilitate your registration.

1. Go to the Caux website

Click here!

Cliquez ici!

2. Fill in the form

  • Add your personal information
  • Pick the CATS conference
  • Choose your favourite workshops

If you need a visa, please check the box “I need a visa”. The Caux Centre’s staff will then contact you to help you with the administrative procedures. You therefore need to register as soon as possible. Please note that, this year, a Business visa will be needed, and no longer a Tourist visa.

3. Select the correct fees

This year, adults coming as individuals will have to pay the 165CHF price. However, adults accompanying children can benefit from an individual reduced price. All prices below are in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Detailed daily accommodation fees*

*Includes room and full board.

To this daily cost, you must add a one-time registration fee:

One-time registration fee

The global cost of your stay is therefore calculated using the following formula:
Daily accommodation fee x number of nights + one-time registration fee.

4. Validate…

...And get ready for CATS 2015! 


For further information, download our booklet here. It is also available in French and Spanish.

CATS 2015 Booklet
CATS 2015 Booklet

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