Time’s up for the 90 Days Challenge

Carte 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Days Challenge is over so let’s take a look at the initiatives that were taken forward after CATS, inspired by the principles of children’s participation !

People from 7 countries has started implementing their projects before the 20th November. Some of 12 other projets are currently ongoing and we will keep you updated on their progress. First, we want to thank you and congratulate all the people who took up the challenge! You spread the principles and the spirit of CATS across the world!

Let’s discover the 7 challenges that are already ongoing!

South Africa: give children the possibility to be heard

Milandre Vlok and Zakhele Cain Mazibuko, from South Africa, wanted to hear more from children about the educational projects happening in their city. Zakhele established two children’s councils, in a primary school and a high school, to allow children to share their ideas and opinions every week. This gives them the possibility to share what they want to see implemented and to express what is important to them, compared to the priorities of the adults.

Milandre did a research project in three preschools to hear more about children’s ideas about what they like or not in their schools or in the city and the changes they want to see. For instance, children of 5 and 6 years old wrote a letter to the principal to explain the changes they wanted to see in their classroom or school. The idea is to take into account these proposals in activities starting on January. Milandre explains to us that thanks to this action the teachers learned a lot on children’s thoughts and that it led to the improvement of the relationship between teachers and children. As she says “the above initiatives are a start“!

Israel: young people as “ambassadors of change”

The Israeli delegation that participated to CATS 2017 decided to gather a group of young people to become “ambassadors of change” in Western Galilee district, in northern Israel. The young people will decide on which issues they will be involved in. For the moment, the group is only forming and the concrete action plan is being set up. The first meeting will be held in December. Good luck for the future of the project!

Poland: Improving participation of young people one activity at a time

Anna Lechowska was in Caux last summer with three young people who wanted to reproduce what they saw during CATS in their city, Glogow, in Poland. And we can tell you that they have done an amazing work at doing so! We will only share here some of these activities but we were very impressed by all the realizations made by this team of dedicated young minds!

First, young people met a Polish ombudsman for Child’s rights and are now forming a council of young advisors for him and are involved in the preparation of a nationwide debate about violence against children. Second, 15 young people raised awareness about children’s rights in a very creative way : several quotes about respect of children’s rights and mutual good relations were selected by them and were displayed in different locations in the city. Young people from other cities were asked to join the action. Another example, the group of young people is now preparing a local debate in Glogow on the topic “Have we get a voice at school?” in order to discuss participation of students in schools and to create a school council formed by students, teachers and headmasters.

Click here to have more information on this group

Philippines : “The Golden Hand Project”

The “Golden Hand Project” aims to empower children to help them understand that no matter what age, together we can make the community a better place to live in (Chelsea Cruz). As Chelsea explains, not everyone has the chance to have access to good eduction or to attend classes in arts so she wanted to share with other children of her community her knowledge. 18 children and teenagers from 2 to 16 years old have registered for the project and the first meeting was held in the beginning of November. During this meeting, participants drew their ideal community, which was inspired by an activity made at CATS.

“The ideas collected at CATS have no boundaries!”

This sentence of Colette Charlet, from France, summarizes well the various projects she implemented,  from France to Poland. As she explains, CATS first inspired her to meet young disabled people in the suburbs of Warsaw, with who she set up a workshop of graphism and poesy and she showed them, among others, productions of young people from France. She describes this activity as a moment of connection between people from different cultures. Also, she will participate to an activity that will be held in December during which young futur farmers will meet young Dalits from India (better known as the Untouchables). 

 “Teaspoon of peace beads”

If on paper D’Arcy Lunn’s challenge was to apply a concept of peace beads, each beads symbolizing a good deed, with the idea of reaching a full bracelet of good deed beads, the results were a little bit different. My 90-days of action have been very fruitful as I have continued to connect with people from the conference and put ideas into action, D’Arcy says. Indeed, a walk from Bucharest to Bratislava through Budapest will be organized next year thanks to him ! He also continues his research on culture of peace and you can participate to the survey right here. D’Arcy is now in the Middle East working with communities recently involved in conflicts “to get their perspective on a culture of peace and see what I can learn from them“. As you can see, things might not go as planned, but sometimes it’s for the best!

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a family action to make significant change

The Kragulj family from Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to pick up (and then throw away) a bag of litter every day for 90 days. They called their challenge “Operation Clean Up Our City”. “We came up with it during the 90-day challenge session at CATS 2017. We wanted something simple that we could do as a family and that has the potential to start a small trend (people are already asking us what we’re doing). Sarajevo has a lot of litter so this seemed like something where we could make a positive change.”

– Luka, 4, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Julia, 48, United Kingdom, Daniel, 7, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zanio, 55, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We cannot tell you enough how amazing it is to see all these projects inspired by CATS taking place.  You can be proud of you and what you’ve achieved, because here at CATS we are ! We hope that all of your projects will keep on growing and will inspire people.

Congratulations to all of you!

The 90 Days Challenge is now over but, encouraged by your reactions, we are already thinking about doing it again next year ! 
But this doesn’t mean that you can now stop ! On the contrary ! Keep on dreaming and working to achieve your projects and let us know what you are up to !


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