November Newsletter



Next edition of CATS will tackle the broad theme of violence and children dealing with violence. “Safe Together – Working to End Violence Against Children” will take place from the 30th of July until the 5th August 2018, during the Caux Forum.

CATS 2018 aims to stimulate a culture of collaboration between children and adults, to equip them and to empower them so they can express themselves and take initiatives and actions to ensure a future without violence.

As framework undergirding the design of the next forum, we have adopted the “Protective Environment” framework which illustrate”s 8 strategies/areas to address violence against children:

  1. Governmental commitment to fulfilling protection rights (including appropriate policies and budgets);
  2. Legislation and enforcement;
  3. Attitudes, traditions, customs, behaviour and practices;
  4. Open discussion, including the engagement of media and civil society;
  5. Children’s life skills, knowledge and participation;
  6. Capacity of those in contact with the child;
  7. Basic and targeted services;
  8. Monitoring and oversight.

The 8 strategies are symbolically represented by an 8-colour striped umbrella under which all can feel protected from violence, represented by thunder and lightning. Our approach is to emphasis the child participation dimension, and how children can influence or participate in the different components of the protective framework. We therefore opt for a child rights-based angle, focusing on preserving children’s dignity, rather than placing them under a light of victimization.

90 Day Challenge: “the ideas collected at CATS have no boundaries!”

Colette Charlet’s (France) sentence captures perfectly the spirit of the different projects born after CATS 2017 : people from 7 countries have put into action their ideas before the 20 of November, on the Universal Children’s Day and the 90 Days Challenge closure. Colette Charlet herself spread CATS values by setting up activities in Poland with disabled young people, and in France with future farmers and young Dalits from India. The rest of the project born from the 90 Days Challenge contribute to create a world more respectful of Children’s Rights too, a world in which everyone, no matter their age, can have a role to play, from South Africa to the Philippines via Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Take a look to all the projects inspired by CATS around the world! 

Other projects from the 90 Days Challenge are still ongoing but we will keep you updated of their progress! And once more, we want to thank all the 90 Day Challenge participants! You can be proud of what you’ve achieved!

Concrete actions to promote Children’s Rights

You wonder what the team do to promote Children’s Rights when it is not preparing CATS next edition? Well, we’re participating in events on the theme organized by international organizations, civil society actors or politicians, to raise awareness on the necessity of children’s active participation and to ensure that they can be heard and respected. On the 16th of November, CATS Team went to a panel discussion “How to invest better in favor of Children’s rights organized by Objectif-Enfance at the OECD. They highlighted the necessity to use the data studied in a more smarter way, in order not to forget the children behind the figures.  

On the 21st of November, some members of the team went to an event called “Let’s write educational constitution of France”organized by the think-tank Vers le Haut. Different professionals in the education field and a representative from a highschool union spoke about the issues they considered as priorities to improve education in France. The assembly then worked into small groups on a educational constitution draft then submit to a vote the proposition of each group. The think tank wants to adjust the text depending on the vote and then submit it to the french government.

Young people in the European Parliament for Universal Children’s Day

Jonathan Levy, the Scientific and International development director of CATS, went as an expert to Brussels on the occasion of Children’s Day on 20 November for a high level event at the European Parliament. Children and young people of Eurochild’s first Children’s Council, composed of 12 children from 11 countries, along with the UNICEF child and youth representatives asked questions to the parliamentarians. The debate was about the “Europe we want” and was held under the auspices of President Antonio Tajani.

CATS 2018 : A Work in Progress

In practice the preparation of CATS 2018 is also going forward! Two members of the executive team went to Caux from the 2nd of November to the 4th to meet the other coordinators of the CauxForum conferences. During those three days they got to know each other and they learned what the conferences of 2018 will be about. It was also a great opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with the other coordinators, but also to have the inputs of the Caux team who facilitated this meeting and gave us all the advices we needed.

This month we also had the visit of Luis Pinto, our beloved program director, who came from Brussels!His stays are always too short but we are making the most of it!

Coming Soon


A conference on “Children-Adults solidarity, the pleasure of learning together” will be held at l’Ecole la Source in Meudon, France, on March 10th and 11th, 2018.

More information here

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