CATS 2015 Evening Programme

In the evenings, the CATS Conference offered a various programme, to end the day in a meaningful but also joyful tone. Have a look at the CATS 2015 Evening Programme below.


27th July: Spirit of Caux

The first night was the occasion to discover the beautiful Caux Palace. A big treasure hunt was organised so that the participants could explore the different places they were in throughout the week.


28th July: CATS Showcase

The CATS Showcase allowed the organisations to hold a stand and present the activities they develop in their own countries. This was the perfect time to discover and share with all the participants!

29th July: CATS Disco

At CATS, we think and reflect a lot, but we also like to relax and have fun! This night was all about dancing, with music from all over the world.


30th July: Film Festival

That evening, several movies about children’s rights and participation were shown. There were choices for all ages, and different languages available.

31st July: CATS got Talent

All CATS participants have a special talent! This evening was the opportunity for anyone who wished to share their talent (music, dance, song, tale, game and many others) to do so on the stage of the beautiful Caux Theatre.


1st August: Swiss night and Bonfire

The last CATS night happens to also be the Swiss National Day. What better way to end a week full of experiences and discoveries than eating a cheese fondue followed by more dancing and chatting with new friends?

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