Together Times at CATS 2015

The together times are designed to be whole conference experiential sessions where through innovative and interactive experiences both children and adults can fully interact and learn together. Over the week children and adults progressively built constructive and meaningful relationships, in order to enable further work and projects on children’s participation.

Opening session: 27th July: Partnerships

Building the relationships: getting to know each other, the week’s programme, and the Caux castle and how it works. This was conducted through games and interacting discussions and presentations.

The Blueprint: The idea 28th July: Key Note Speakers

An interactive plenary session with keynote speakers. We explored some of the important factors in order to enable children’s participation through adult/child relationships.

Kesz Valdez received a standing ovation after telling his story to the participants.
Kesz Valdez received a standing ovation after telling his story to the participants.

Foundations: Relationships 29th July: Human Library

Every book has a story to tell and these stories come from us. Through the use of the “Human library” approach participants had the opportunity to learn through storytelling with rich examples of experiences from around the world of children’s rights and democratic participation. At CATS 2015, books became people and reading became a conversation. The main hall was set up like a library – only, people were books and librarians helped readers to find the stories that interest them.


Walls: Group work 31st July: Children’s Rights Timeline 

Working together, the participants built visual timelines from country to continent and finally discussed and compared the development of the history of child rights and the quality of childhood. They were also asked to project into the future with the ongoing unfinished issues. Judith Diers, Chief Adolescent Development and Participation section at UNICEF, New York made a presentation on the key learning from this exercise and gave input to the future developments.

Children and adults exploring children's rights.

Roof: Organisations/Institutions30th July: Moral dilemmas 

In this session we organised small groups discussions around major moral, political and social issues that are important for children and young people, in particular, when thinking about the society that they want to share in building for their future and for that of children and young people all over the world. The issues were selected by children, young people and adults before the conference and the discussions were co-facilitated, in different languages, by young people and adults.


Community/Society 1st August: Presentations & Interactive Experiences

Presentations from both children’s delegations and other key experiences which were delivered in a moderated and interactive format co-designed and facilitated by children and adults.

Key learning 2nd August: Wrap Up & Key Learnings

A wrap-up and key learning session where we both captured the important experiences, knowledge, and ideas, but also looked at the implications and practical applications for existing and future projects/programmes: “What we will be taking down the mountain?”19990868060_bec6059536_o