Workshop Leaders

Read more here about the experts, both children and adults, who will facilitate the workshops at CATS 2015.


Gerison Lansdown: previously the founder director of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, and now an international children’s Gerisonrights consultant and advocate who has published and lectured widely on the subject of children’s rights. She is co-director of Child Rights Education for Professionals, , is a senior associate of the International Institute for Child Rights and Development in Victoria, and Chair of Child to Child.

Darren Bird: an International Child Right’s Advocate and Consultant. As founding Chief Executive of Funky Dragon: The Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales, he led the organisation to be the only U.K charity to ever have Darrenunder 18’s as trustees. In 2008 Funky Dragon Reported to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, the report was truly young people led and contained the views of 12,000 young people and 3 thousand children. As part of this work he regularly facilitated national and international conferences for up to 300 young people at a time.

Together they will facilitate Workshop A. Children as Researchers: Consultation on UNCRC General Comment on the rights of adolescents



Tom Elkins: CEO at PhotoVoice. He joined PhotoVoice in 2014 having worked for a number of voluntary sector organisations, focussing on issues relating to equality, disability, and empowering individuals and communities to campaign for better services and policies. He is also a photographer who has worked with a number of organisations on their campaigns, as well as exhibiting his own work.

BeckyBecky Warnock: Projects Manager at PhotoVoice. She trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in Applied Theatre, and is currently studying MA Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the London College of Communication. Specialising in participatory practice, she has worked with many vulnerable community groups, particularly prisoners, ex-offenders and refugees. She now works as Projects Manager at Photovoice, and as a freelance photographer, artist, filmmaker and designer.

Together they will facilitate Workshop B. Representation to participation – using photography to tell stories


KavitaKavita Ratna: presently the Director Advocacy of the Concerned for Working Children(CWC), which has been thrice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She has been working with CWC in various capacities related to communications, capacity building, advocacy and resource mobilisation for the past 25 years.

She will facilitate Workshop C. Enhancing children’s participation through child-led information management


ElizabethElizabeth Loy: with many years of experience in flower arranging, she has had the joy and privilege of creating flower arrangements and unusual designs at Caux for many years. She loves flowers and enjoys training young people to make arrangements and share her enthusiasm and interest in all natural things.

She will facilitate Workshop D. Flower and Ecology Workshop: Participation through nature


Dr. Avi Tsur: Supervisor of English language studies at the Ministry of Education’s Administration for Rural Education and Youth AviImmigration; board member of the International Janusz Korczak Association and “The Janusz Korczak Educational Institute of Israel”. PhD (2005) based on “The School Newspaper in the Spirit of Janusz Korczak”, constantly investigating Korczak’s educational legacy and developing programs for implementation in the Israeli school system and society. Lecturer at Lewinsky Teacher’s College: Methodology course – “Implementing the Educational Legacy of Janusz Korczak”. Guest lecturer in Israel and abroad.

Batia Gilad: Chairperson of the International Janusz Korczak Association; an academic counsellor at the “Avichail” experimental school; Batiaand a member of “The Janusz Korczak Educational Institute of Israel”. For many years an educator and home-room teacher in the Israeli High School system and pedagogical director. For the past 30 years involved in documenting memories and artefacts of Korczak’s graduates, constantly investigating Korczak’s educational legacy and developing programs for implementation in the Israeli school system and society.

Together they will facilitate Workshop E. Empowering Youth for Active Leadership


Mafalda Leal: Senior Policy Coordinator for Child Rights & Child Participation at Eurochild. Mafalda is responsible for the coordination Mafaldaand implementation of Eurochild’s work on child participation and mainstreaming children’s rights, as well as the assessment of early childhood and care policies. She coordinates the Eurochild Reference Group on Children’s Participation. She speaks English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Mieke Schuurman: Policy Advisor at Eurochild. She is chair and coordinates the group of National Children’s Rights MiekeCoalitions at Eurochild and is responsible for coordination of CATS (Children as Actors for Transforming Society). She has an extensive record of working on children’s participation for Eurochild, the Council of Europe and the European Commission, including developing methods for working with children and young people. She speaks English, French, Dutch, and German.

A group of young people will also help in the facilitation.

Together they will facilitate Workshop F. Advocacy for and with children


Raffaella Bruno: started working for L’Albero della Vita Foundation in 2006.Raffaella She is an educator of the project called “Pianeta Nuovo”  (New Planet) in Rome. She is involved in activities to promote and to increase knowledge on the issues of development education with students at different levels in schools.

Valentina Monopoli: works for “L’Albero della Vita Onlus” foundation as coordinator of children’s participation Valentinaproject called “Vivi Ciò Che Sei” in Milan. The project aims to increase children’s participation through artistic workshops that allow them to express their
ideas and opinions about themselves, their rights, their neighbourhood and society in general.

Together they will facilitate Workshop G. I Trust in You If You Trust in Me: Building the partnership between Children and Adults to improve children’s rights to be heard


Carolyn Conway: an experienced teacher, trainer and coach. She manages Child to Child’s Hearing All Voices project which supports UK Carolynschools to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children and young people. She has written teaching and training manuals and worked on children’s participation initiatives in Asia and the UK. She is currently writing professional development materials which introduce coaching techniques as a way for adults to enhance their support of young people’s participation.

Gemma Perkins: a qualified school teacher, youth trainer and skills coach who specialises in developing self-leadership skills in young Gemmapeople. She is the managing director of ‘The Self Leadership Initiative Ltd’ and a senior mentor and trainer for ‘Learn to Lead’ – both deliver high quality leadership training to young people. She has had 8 years’ experience developing these skills in young people and uses a range of games, role plays and discussions in her workshops.

They will facilitate Workshop H. On the Same Team: Improving communication between adults and children to enhance participation


Gerburg Fuchs lives in Berlin. She is a children’s rights activist and filmmaker. Since more than 20 years she is a Gerburgfreelance art-therapist and pedagogue for children and young people. She is further a freelance lecturer mainly focusing on movement and play, both in Germany as well as internationally. She was a jury member of the first children’s rights film festival in Berlin in 2013 and is a member of the Janusz Korcak Association.

She will facilitate Workshop I. Playing together – Being human


RupalRupal Maru: an aspiring teacher, currently studying PGCE Primary at the University of Cumbria. Alongside her studies, she is Co director of a business called ‘RuShee’- which aims to empower women and young people through the Indian Arts. She is deeply passionate about working with young people and supporting them to reach their full potential.

BellaBella Tristram: Research and Projects Officer at Child to Child, Bella has 10 years of practical and administrative experience implementing child-centred programmes in vulnerable communities across the globe and working as a children’s rights and participation facilitator, trainer, researcher, evaluator and advocate. Her experience includes working with governmental and non-governmental organisations to improve outcomes for children in Europe, East Asia, South America and West Africa.

ArshadArshad Mozumder: currently a student aspiring to be a medic and volunteer with the Child to Child Trust. He has a strong notion for the advocacy of young people and for child’s rights as a whole. He wants young people to be able to develop the skills to make use of every opportunity available to them and for young people to prosper!

Together they will facilitate Workshop J. Creative Expression and Performing Arts: The Art of Storytelling

Find out more about the workshops here

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