CATS 2016

Highlights from CATS Conference 2016

Day 5: Esteban Quispe’s interview

Day 4: MEP Julie Ward advises children and young people on how lobbying to politicians

“I was a child and you will be adults. We need to share power as well as sharing resources”, said the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Julie Ward at the CATS conference 2016. Read more…

Opening Day: CATS Conference 2016 kicks off, this years’ focus is on Global Goals

Children as Actors for Transforming Society meets for the 4th edition: this year the focus will be on how children and young people can contribute to furthering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more…

Girls playing at CATS 2016

What’s happening at CATS 2016?

Children and young people must be partners for change if we are to realise the ambition of the new global policy framework – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) – to eradicate poverty by 2030 and make sure that we leave no-one behind. CATS will explore the SDGs this year through it’s theme and aims to impact decision makers and policies. Read more about the CATS 2016 Theme.

CATS 2016 Schedule v2

Check out the Workshops at CATS this year


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Check out the CATS 2016 Together Time Sessions


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Read the CATS 2016 Booklet for more information on the programme

CATS 2016 is fast approaching !

Have a look at the CATS 2016 Booklet! You will know more about the theme focusing on children’s participation and the Sustainable Development Goals, but you can also discover the detailed schedule of these 7 enriching days.

CATS16 Booklet Cover

Learn more about what happened at CATS 2016


CATS 2016 proved to be another successful edition, with an innovative, inclusive and participatory programme exemplifying partnership between children and adults. 300 participants, young and old, worked together over one week to exchange ideas, learn new practices, and create lasting impressions on how to promote and live children’s rights to participation in society.


Download the report here, and learn more about the last edition of CATS.

The French version is available to download here.

The Spanish version is avalaible to download here.


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