News – CATS 2014 Experience

CATS 2014 opened with a big bang and closed with an overwhelming feeling of shared experiences and stories. From July 26th to August 2nd, participants had the chance to listen to children’s delegations, hear the opinions of experts on children’s rights and participation, exchange ideas and tools, and simply make friends in a beautiful environment.

See what other organisations and individuals had to say about their CATS 2014 experience:

PrintChild to Child had a day by day recount of events at CATS. Read what they had to say here.


Caux Initiatives of Change International recapped the week in”Saying Goodbye to Our CATS”. Read more here.CauxIofC


eurochildEurochild brought a number of delegations to the CATS Conference and it didn’t go unnoticed. Read what they had to say.


Lumos’s article “If you want to transform society, don’t let disability stop you!” prepared people for the CATS 2014 session; Read more here. lumos

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