News – CATS 2015 Daily updates

Key learning from CATS 2015

The last days of the CATS Conference were full of positive feelings about what had been learned, shared, exchanged, acquired, explored and discovered. Read more >>


Children discuss their issues at CATS 2015

On Friday CATS 2015 explored two moral dilemmas on the implementation of children’s rights that emerged from consultations with the participants. The first one touched on the question of house chores and school assignments in an African context, whilst the second addressed the issue of punishing children for participating ‘too much.’ Read more >>


A third day focused on children’s rights

On the morning of 30th July at CATS 2015 the participants were busy building timelines to compare children’s rights in all regions of the world. In the evening the participants attended the Film Festival. Read more >>


The amazing experience of the Human Library

Wednesday 29 July was an exciting day at Caux as the Main Hall turned into a Human Library where people were books telling their personal stories of change, which created inspirational energy among the 300 participants. Read more >>

Moreover, a journalist from the French TV channel TF1 filmed the various activities of CATS 2015. Watch it here >>


Inspirational keynote speakers

On Tuesday morning the 300 participants of CATS 2015 minus the young children had the chance to listen to our three keynote speakers, each of them explaining from a different perspective the need for better implementation of child participation in the world. Read more >>


CATS 2015: a third edition more participatory than ever

On Monday 27 July the Caux-Palace welcomed over 300 participants to the third edition of CATS – Children as Actors for Transforming Society. For one week children, young people and adults will explore how to create partnerships that lead to effective child participation in all matters that affect them. Read more >>