News – En route to CATS 2015

Children & Adults, Partners for Change?

The CATS Conference is getting ready to welcome you again at Caux Palace next July for CATS 2015!

Together, we will work towards building lasting foundations for change. We will explore how children (girls and boys) and adults can lend a helping hand in laying down the bricks of meaningful partnerships.

Through the CATS 2015 theme, ‘Children & Adults, Partners for Change’, collaboration and partnership between adults and children will be addressed in a variety of ways throughout the week. Each day of the programme will focus on different levels of building the partnership: the individual, the group, the community, organisations, and society.
As the week develops, the programme will take participants through the building process starting with drawing the blueprint together, establishing the foundation, building the walls and roof, and lastly looking further out into the community.

See more here:



Le flyer est disponible en français ici.

El folleto es disponible en español aquí.


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