News – What is CATS 2014?


Initiatives of Change in partnership with Child to Child and Universal Education Foundation present the second edition of CATS: Children as Actors for Transforming Society

When and where: 26th July to 2nd August 2014 in Caux, Switzerland

What: During 6 days, we – children, young people and adults – will learn, explore and share our experiences about promoting ethical participation.

10 Things You Should Know About CATS

Booklet cover page

We firmly believe in children and young people’s participation for a better society. As actors of change, we will focus on specific topics/matters that prevent children and young people just like you to be heard and to take part of something positive.

Why: there are many already existing organisations working on supporting underrated populations such as young people and children to take part in building better societies. CATS is about gathering all of them and facilitating interactions between them.

How: by attending CATS 2014 in Caux: this second session focuses on Young advocates for change. We have been learning so much about how ingenious kids are when facing complex situations. Through panels, workshops and CDGs, we are going to develop our strengths, express ourselves with confidence and improve our skills in understanding each other.

Who: experts in childhood sphere, children and young people working in advocating change for a better society.


To learn more about CATS 2014, click here.



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