Theatre Committee

The Theatre Committee was a space for participants to share and use theatre to express themselves and to be advocates for change. Theatre committee members had the chance to take part in various drama games, theatre exercises and to develop a theatre performance expressing key messages to others at the conference. It does not matter whether participants had years of theatre experience or no theatre experience: this aims was to be an accessible, lively committee, which uses theatre to bring stories, ideas, and topics to life!9402596702_841839d355_o

 It was facilitated by young people and adults: 

Arshad Mozumder:  I’m a young person currently attending school in East London. I am a British Bangladeshi who was born in the UK where I was brought up. I’ve volunteered, worked and taken part in many activities to help promote child participation. I work with the Child-to-Child trust and have a strong notion for the advocacy of young people and for children’s rights as a whole. I may not have much experience in the field due to my young age, but for what I lack in experience, I most definitely will make up for with my determination and dedication!

Bella Tristam: I am a British Child Rights and Participation advisor working for Child to Child. I was born in Sierra Leone and moved to east Spain at the age of 4 where I was brought up. Since then I have worked, volunteered and travelled in many countries across Europe, South America and Africa. I have a deep passion for improving outcomes for children and advocating to governments and international organisations to meet their commitments of children’s rights. I have 10 years of practical and administrative experience implementing child-centred programmes in vulnerable communities internationally.

Aneta Teneva: I am from Bulgaria. I work as a Child Participation Officer for Lumos – an international non-governmental organisation.  I support children and young people with intellectual disabilities and their families to raise their voices and become self-advocates for their rights, equal opportunities and independent life. I have more than 20 years’ experience in formal and informal education, training and consultancy work for inclusive education for disabled children, child rights advocacy, positive parenting and NGO capacity building.   Some of the children and young people I work with will be joining me for this theatre committee.

Media Committee

The Media Committee was a space for participants to share and use social media techniques to express themselves, to seek the views of others, to share information and to be advocates for change. The committee members had the chance to work to use different social media techniques e.g. video, newsletters, photography.

It was facilitated by young people and adults.

Flower Committee

The Flower Committee was a space for participants to learn more about flowers and flower arranging, to make friends and to share with others. The flowers were displayed in different places in the castle.

It was facilitated by Elizabeth, who has many years of experience in flower arranging.

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