One-Day Workshops: 90 minutes on 27th July

Workshop 1: How can we bring children’s right to play to action?

The workshop was in English; open to youth and adults. Three sensitising questions from the introduction of this workshop:

What does the right to play actually mean?

Do we currently regard play as a contributing factor to the quality of human relationships?

How can children become their own advocate for the right to play?

Participants discovered the meaning of play from all our individual perspectives, including the youngest and the oldest participants as well as experiencing the meaning for us as a group. Based on this richness and the treasure of our experiences participants together composed a performance on how children themselves express the right to play.

Facilitator: Gerburg Fuchs.

She lives in Berlin. She is a children’s rights activist and filmmaker. For over 20 years she has been a freelance art-therapist and pedagogue for children and young people. She is further a freelance lecturer mainly focusing on movement and play, both in Germany as well as internationally. She was a jury member of the first children’s rights film festival in Berlin in 2013 and is a member of the Janusz Korcak Association.

Workshop 2: Modelling Inclusive Child Participation

This workshop will explore how to overcome the barriers to the full participation of children with intellectual disabilities. Led by children, young people and adults with and without disabilities it will demonstrate how, by working together, an inclusive environment can be built which has positive outcomes for everybody who takes part: children; parents; adults and even politicians.

The workshop will be fully interactive and demonstrate successful models of child participation and also examine some of the challenges.  Children and young people from two countries will share their experiences of influencing policy-makers at the local, national and international levels as part of the Lumos Turning Words into Action Project.  A child participation expert from Lumos together with an adult self-advocate from CHANGE will share their experiences of working to build the confidence of the children and inspiring them to speak out.

Participants will be encouraged to take part in a demonstration of a fully inclusive participation exercise.

The workshop, by taking place at the beginning of the programme will also help to set ‘ground rules’ for the whole event to ensure that discussions at CATS are open to everybody, including children and adults with disabilities.
Format: An interactive session suitable for all CATS participants  (90 minutes)


  • A child participation expert from Lumos together with young people.
  • An adult-self advocate from CHANGE.


Nolan Quigley, Advocacy and Campaigns Manager, Lumos:

Workshop 3: Possibilities and ways of participation in schools and extra-school teaching and learning

The workshop will explore various possibilities and ways of participation of pupils in school as well as in the context of extra-school teaching and learning – referring to Janusz Korczak’s pedagogical ideas. Although it is not possible to transfer Korczak’s “Little Republics” without any modification to schools, his pedagogical ideas can give us many important impulses to strengthen participation in schools.

The second part of the workshop deals with different forms and levels of participation. Based on the knowledge of your own interests, abilities and skills you can define your own way for participation. The workshop will explore in an interactive way different forms to avail oneself to the right to have a say and to be heard until absolute participation.

This workshop will deal also with children’s and young adults’ experiences and perspectives.

Dr. Rosemarie Godel-Gaßner
is a lecturer at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg (Germany). She has been teaching the pedagogy of Janusz Korczak for many years – especially for teacher training seminars. Since 2008 she has been the vice chairwoman of the German Korczak Association.

Cornelia Müller, M.A., had studied History and Political Science at the Technical University of Dresden. For more then ten years she has experiences in (international) projects in schools and the extra-school area – right now she’s working at the University of Applied Studies at Zittau/Goerlitz in a German-Polish school project for pupils with learning disabilities. Since 2011 she has been the first chairwoman of the German Korczak Association.

Workshop 4: Children as Advocates for their Rights

The workshop will be in English and will be open to children (12 years and older) and adults.

Objective of the workshop is to allow children to share experiences on how they have advocated for their rights in different settings and situations and for children and adults to learn about children’s rights and how to use these in their advocacy work.

Structure of the workshop:

  1. Introduction on the objective and structure of the workshop, including referring to the Optional Protocol 3 (Complaints Procedure on violations of children’s rights to the UN Committee on Children’s Rights)
  2. The workshop will start with children and young people from Eurochild member organisations sharing experiences of how they brought about change in their countries on various issues, for example changes in national legislation in Cyprus due to advocacy work of the Cypriot children’s parliament, and in Europe by participating in the Eurochild Annual Conference on children’s participation in 2013. Other participants will be encouraged to share experiences as well.
  3. The workshop will then play the children’s rights game in small groups, led by children and young people. The game will allow the participants to reflect on their own rights and whether any of these rights are violated or not well enough protected.  The small groups will discuss how individual rights could be better protected, what activities could be undertaken to advocate for your rights.

Mieke Schuurman is policy advisor to Eurochild. Eurochild is an international network of over 150 organisations and individuals working in and across Europe to promote the rights and well-being of children and young people. Its work is underpinned by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since 2013 Mieke is chair of the Eurochild Group of National Children’s Rights Networks. She has worked as an independent consultant on children’s rights and EU policies since 2009 and has carried out assignments for various international organisations and NGOs, including the Council of Europe, European Commission, Eurochild and UNICEF. She has provided advice, carried out research and given trainings on children’s rights and has a particular expertise on children’s participation.

Andreas Stylianou is a member of the Cyprus Children’s Parliament (CCP) in its 6th Term, January 2013-December 2014. He was born in 1998 in Nicosia, speaks Greek and English and has participated in a number of Conferences and Workshops on Children’s Participation in Cyprus and other European countries.  He enjoys music (plays the saxophone and the piano) and cinematography.  His aim is to activate the youngsters of Cyprus to participate in society.

The Cyprus Children’s Parliament (CCP) is a permanently working body of 56 children aged 13-18 elected by their peers for a 2-year term. It implements the participatory rights of children as recognised in the UNCRC and voices the opinions of children to the government and the greater public.

Contact: Mieke Schuurman, Policy Advisor Eurochild:

Workshop 5: Steps for Engaging Young Children in Research

The workshop will be suitable for children and adults.

We will go through the following steps for engaging young children in research and talk about how they were developed with researchers from around the world.

Then adults and child will work together to try some of the methods including icebreakers, mapping, narrative, and play and game to see how they can be used in research.

The facilitators were Dr Vicky Johnson and Dr Jen Colwell:

Vicky Johnson is Principal Research Fellow in the Education Research Centre at the University of Brighton. Previously she was Head of International Partnerships and Programmes for ChildHope, Director of Development Focus Trust and Policy Advisor for ActionAid. Vicky has carried out participatory and case study research with children of all ages in the UK and internationally. She is particularly interested in whether decision-makers value children’s evidence and ethical protocols of working with children.

Jennifer Colwell Research Fellow and freelance researcher has over 10 years’ experience of researching children and young people’s lives. She has developed tools to capture children’s and young people’s views and experiences to support policy and project development. The core focus of her work is Early Childhood Education, supporting young children to develop the social competencies to develop social relationships, understand and share their own thoughts and feelings and, engage in decision -making processes which impact upon their lives.

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