Film screenings + Q&A with young filmmakers

These special features took place on July 30th & 31st, from 17:00-18:00

July 30th:

Participants watched three highly creative short animated films examining a variety of relationships in young people’s lives – with other young people, families and institutions. The films were made entirely by young people and four of the filmmakers were there to talk about the creative process and answer people’s questions.

happyThe Health Advocates from the AYPH Be Healthy project are a diverse group of young people from three different cities in England (London, Derby and Leeds). Over the past two and a half years, they have worked together to research and highlight the unmet health needs of young people affected by sexual exploitation. Through group discussion and team work, they have developed a host of creative resources aimed at both young people and professionals. Their work was shortlisted for the UK Sexual Health Awards (Young People’s Sexual Health Project of the Year 2014) and they were selected to run a workshop at the 2013 Eurochild conference in Milan, Italy.

July 31st:

Title: Gangs, sex and relationships

Participants saw two short films which raise awareness about girls and gangs in the UK. The films were created to demonstrate a young woman’s role within a gang and what it’s like for girls growing up in that environment. Both films were made entirely by young women from a variety of areas in the UK. Two of the young women were present at the workshop to talk about the films and to answer any questions people may have.

Age for attendance: Over 12s

MSUAsaybi Snape worked with City United and St George’s hub, two voluntary sector projects based in Birmingham, on the gang’s film project. The film project was an initiative coordinated by the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. Asaybi helped create two videos to make one short film to help raise awareness about women’s involvement with gangs and to push for a change. Asaybi is now studying for a master’s degree in International Human Rights Law and is interning with MsUnderstood. MsUnderstood is a partnership between the University of Bedfordshire, Imkaan – a black feminist organisation dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls – and the Girls against Gangs project. Msunderstood aims to improve local and national responses to young people’s experiences of gender inequality through; internships, voluntary work, training and research. The MsUnderstood partnership offers opportunities for young people to engage in policy, service and research development.

Sharine Brown worked on the gang’s film project  with Manchester Active Voices, an organisation offering young people within the community the opportunity to develop skills necessary to become effective leaders within their schools, homes and communities. Manchester


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