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English Registration Form

French Registration Form

German Registration Form

Visit our Conference Page on the Caux Website Here


Conference Fees:

Adult Participants:

As you can see from the fees there is a standard daily adult fee of 165 CHF and a reduced rate of 105 CHF for adults accompanying children, students, Amis de Caux, and Iof C regional team members.

However, an agreement has been made that the reduced price of 105 can apply to all CATS conference adult participants.

When filling in the registration form, under conference fees, please choose the box “I travel with a family” for the 105 price to appear, than further down under the ‘Remarks’ section, please add “in agreement with Jonathan Levy”

Child/Youth Participants

The fees for the children & youth rate remain as they are set out in the pricing range:

18-25 years: 63.

6-17 years: 50.

0-5 years: Free

When you register for the conference, along with the daily fees, you have to pay a onetime conference registration fee of 100 CHF. Adults coming with children pay the 100 CHF registration fee once for the whole group.

Registering with a child/young person:

It’s important for us to know which adults are accompanying which child/young person. For this reason, please do one of the following if you are registering with children:

  1. Choose “Yes “ under “Will you bring children?” in the section where you have chosen that you are participating in the CATS Conference (a new box will open when you check the Children as Actors for Transforming Society conference. Then follow the instructions for filling out the form for the children.
  2. In the remarks section at the bottom, write the names of the children who you are accompanying and make separate registration forms for each of them, where you also put the adults accompanying them in the remarks section.

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