Together Times 2016

Wednesday 27th July

Global Goals Trivia 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, are 17 goals set by the UN ranging from ending world poverty to achieving gender equality and empowering people by 2030. This Together Time will focus on getting to know the Global Goals and understanding what they mean to us. It will also include exploring what the possibilities have been up until today to address these different issues, and to start to reflect on what we need to do now and in the future.

Thursday 28th July

Human library  : “Live in someone else’s shoes”

The human library is a place where books are people who have stories to tell. They talk to a small group of “readers” who interested in their stories during 10 min and then there’s a questions / discussion time for about 15 min. This year, the theme books will be relating in policy influence of children and young people, from local to global, on SDG’ issues. We aim to focus on people factor for creating a change.

Friday 29th July

CATS Parliament

The CATS parliament will be key central moment during the conference. It will be a whole morning for all ages from 6 upwards. We will simulate a parliament with a collaborative atmosphere for children and adults in which issues and global and local policy solutions on how to implement Sustainable Development Goals are discussed. The participants will present position papers for policy change. There will be invited MEPS and other decision makers participating in the debates. This will lead to some concrete plans to propose after the conference for local and global impact.

Saturday 30th July

“Playing for the future: making choices for an interconnected planet”

A simulation game that shows the connections among people, the planet and its resources; in which our choices have an impact somewhere else, sometimes very far away from us. Out of this experience, we will put together our ideas of how we can make this planet a better home – from local to global.”

Sunday, 31st July

Ideas Carousel: “How can we influence policy?”

A place where young people and adults a like can share their experiences and ideas with helping to change policy locally to globally, fitting with this years conference theme. This together time will focus on sharing ideas and experiences and showing support for both. It will also hopefully inspire others to take action to change policy both locally and globally and to help others to gain knowledge as to how they could go about doing this.