Young People Online Steering Team

Read more about the group of young people helping in the design, planning and implementation of CATS.Arshad

Arshad Mozumder: Arshad is currently a student aspiring to be a medic and volunteer with Child to Child.  He has a strong notion for the advocacy of young people and for child’s rights as a whole. He wants young people to be able to develop the skills to make use of every opportunity available to them and for young people to prosper!

Katherine Davies: Katherine is from Swansea in South Wales.Kate She is 15 at the moment but attended CATS when she was 14. She volunteered a lot with Funky Dragon (The Children and Young Peoples Assembly for Wales) and has attended a lot of meetings voicing the concerns and opinions of young people. She has even been to the House of Commons twice for the annual UK youth parliament sitting. She advocates Children’s Rights and votes at 16.

TedTed Simonds: Ted is an eighteen year old student studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Conwy; North Wales. Ted has a first-hand involvement in many areas of participation; as a member of his regional youth council, he is an elected member on the Grand Council of Funky Dragon (the national participation forum for Wales).

Andreas: he is a 17 year-old young person from Cyprus. Initially he got involved in CATS image1through Cyprus Children’s Parliament when he represented Cyprus in 2013. He loved the idea that children were involved in planning and decision-making throughout the conference, so he decided to get involved in the steering team and help as much as he can throughout the year!

More bios coming soon!

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